La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter School

A STEAM School

School Overview

La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter is a popular STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) school serving students in grades TK-8.

Located in a quiet residential area of west Inglewood, the school’s reputation for a safe, well-rounded program annually draws a waiting list of prospective students in addition to its neighborhood enrollment.

One of the hallmarks of the La Tijera TK-8 Academy of Excellence Charter School curriculum is technology education. Students regularly use and apply state-of-the-art technology in computer classes taught by La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter highly-qualified computer teacher.

TK-1st grade students use iPads as an introduction to technology and and as a tool to sharpen their primary academic skills using teacher approved apps. 6-8th grade classes have the opportunity to use Chromebooks in their classrooms for research and for individual or school projects.

Our students are also able to take part in the AVID program to help them be better prepared for success at the college level, and they enjoy a wide variety of student activities.

School News

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College Prep

It’s our job to not only encourage our students to pursue a college degree, but to give them the tools they need to be prepared and enthusiastic about the opportunities that a college degree can lead to.

La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter is the first middle school in the district to offer a comprehensive AVID program—a statewide college preparatory program designed to help students prepare for and succeed in college.

What AVID Does:

  • Teaches students the skills and behaviors they need for academic success
  • Gives intensive support using trainings and strong student/teacher relationships
  • Provides a positive social setting for students
  • Offers a sense of hope for personal achievement attained from a strong work ethic and determination

In 2005, La Tijera TK-8 Academy of Excellence Charter School began offering 7th and 8th grade AVID classes. Currently, AVID is utilized in 5th – 8th grade classes.

Our goal is to become a schoolwide AVID academy that encourages rigorous academic focused activities, 2 and 3 column note taking, and promoting metacognitive individualized learning for all TK-8th grade students.

Student Activities

The student body here at La Tijera Academy of Excellence Charter is offered a broad range of extracurricular activities right here on campus. We believe that extra activities create a great balance between an academic focus, and developing our students to be well-rounded individuals.

Sports are among some of the most popular choices for our students, and we definitely have the school spirit to support all of our teams.

Student athletics include:

  • Interscholastic football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading
  • Intramural sports for 6th-8th graders
  • Weight training
Chorus is a popular choice for those students who lean towards more musical and artistic interests and talents. Having a positive attitude and self-image is a vital part to anyone’s success, so we offer two different self-esteem groups—Ladies of Majesty for the girls, and Kings of Majesty for the boys. For our aspiring young writers, journalists, and leaders, we have the “Tiger Times” student newspaper, yearbook committee, Student Council, and Peer Mediators. La Tijera TK-8 Academy of Excellence Charter School enjoys strong support from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Associated Student Body (ASB).