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School Overview

The Inglewood Community Adult School understands the doors that having a proper education can open for so many members of our community, and is committed to helping every student who is ready to take this next big step succeed. Our mission is to foster all of our students into thoughtful and literate adults.

We assure that our students graduate possessing the academic, social, and technical skills necessary to think critically, solve problems, and successfully pursue academic and career goals, becoming effective, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners. We also teach our students to be leaders, mentors, and examples for their own children, family, and friends.

In order to reach our goals, the Inglewood Adult School strives to empower each student through the implementation of a diverse, rigorous and challenging curriculum, embedded in an environment which is positive, creative, drug and bully free. Our goal is to promote self-discipline, socially and culturally conscious citizens, who excel to their fullest academic potential.

We are proudly accredited under the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and an active member of the South Bay Adult Education Regional Consortium.

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Our Focus

Education is a life skill that we encourage our students to embrace and be motivated to continue pursuing even after they graduate from our program. Our focus is creating lifelong learners.

Being a “lifelong learner” is the continued educational experience that utilizes non-credit academic courses, educational travel and community service, and volunteerism to fully engage the brain, heighten physical activity, and maintain healthy social relationships.

Another way to look at it is that lifelong learning is like a health club for your brain. Just like going back to the gym, people can return to school at any age and achieve great success. Continuing education is the best way to develop new skills or knowledge for a career transition.

Our student learner outcomes focus on all students becoming analytical thinkers, progressive and persistent learners, and productive members of society.

Reaching Our Goals

In order to reach our goals, our staff works with the community to develop programs that prepare our students to take control of their future. Whether their goal is to acquire your GED, learn the English language, transition into a community college, or to improve job skills—the Inglewood Adult School is here to help you make it happen.

The staff, students, and parents visualize Inglewood Adult School as a model California continuation school which provides a comprehensive and diverse approach to learning the high school curriculum in a positive, safe, and healthy environment with community participation.