Crozier Middle School

An Arts and Technology School

School Overview

Crozier Middle School is located just west of Inglewood City Hall and south of the Inglewood Courthouse. Situated on the site of the very first Inglewood school, Crozier is focused on teaching the arts and technology to our students.

Our school again made history when the ribbon was cut on $28 million worth of new construction—in other words, a brand new school!

The new Crozier Middle School features - a 2-story, 6-building complex containing 44 classrooms, science labs, a gymnasium, an administration building, a library/multimedia center, a cafeteria-style kitchen, an amphitheater, a covered lunch shelter, new furnishings, and sports fields.

But the good news doesn’t end there—Crozier Middle School students made record academic growth on the Academic Performance Index (API). In a single year they raised their API score by 49 points, far beyond their state target of 11—and the largest single-year growth that Crozier has ever achieved.

As a result, Crozier ranks 9 out of 10 among similar California schools.

Meet the Crozier Team:

Dr. La Royce Murphy


Ms. Kym Gero-Burris

Assistant Principal

Ms. Irma Soto-Altstaetter

8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Nadia Jones

7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Jeannette Tapia

Office Manager

Special Programs

It’s very important to the success of our students that we offer them safe and accessible options for extracurricular activities. Participating in these programs has so many benefits. They get our kids moving and active to support a healthy lifestyle, and they expose students to passions they might not have ever discovered.

The special programs we offer also teach valuable life lessons like self-discipline and responsibility that will benefits our students both in the classroom and beyond.

Our community has done an amazing job supporting our various music programs—specifically for band members. Students can take part in Crozier’s award-winning band program, which includes beginning band, advanced band, Magnet symphonic band, field trips, and local band competitions. As a part of the Annenberg middle school program, many students attend two plays per year at the Mark Taper Forum.

We are also very fortunate to have a relationship with Kaiser Permanente. Local doctors serve as mentors to students interested in the medical field.

Other programs and activities available to Crozier students include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Gifted and Talented
  • English Language Development
  • After School Programs
  • Fine Arts


School2Home is a comprehensive program to improve student academic performance and technology skills at underperforming middle schools across California.

School2Home works with participating schools to provide each student and her or his family with a Chromebook to use at school and at home.

The program provides professional development to teachers to help them use technology effectively in their classrooms. Parents will also be provided the opportunity to complete technology workshops to learn computer and Internet basics and ways in which to use the Chromebook to be more involved in their child or children’s education.

Not all of our students and their families have access to new technology on a regular basis. We think it’s important to use technology to its full potential in order to help keep our students current and relevant in their different areas of study.

“School2Home reaches students who are statistically less likely to perform well in school and more likely to lack access to digital tools than their peers in high-performing schools.”