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Resources for Parents, Guardians, and Students

Important Information for our IUSD Community

Use this list of resources as your guide to help answer any questions about the programs and procedures we follow here at Inglewood Unified.

Parent Portal

Sign up or login to your Aeries Portal here and access your student’s attendance record, grades, and test scores.

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Student Email

Access your student email here and stay up to date with your correspondence with your peers, faculty, and advisors.

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National School Lunch Program

We offer well balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack to students. We provide a variety of healthy foods that encourage healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.

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Don’t go into the school day guessing what you or your student will eat. Check out the online menu instead.

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Our online calendars are a great resource to help keep you and your family organized, and also so you don’t miss any fun events around the District.

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Tutoring Program

If you or your student is struggling with their studies, take some time to learn about our tutoring options. There are resources available to help.

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Emergency Procedures

Safety is one of our main priorities. Learn about our standard procedures so you and your student is prepared in case of an emergency.

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Log in or sign up to your Illuminate Education portal to get answers to your questions and increase your student’s success.

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Annual Legal Notices

Parents can access our annual legal notices here. The notices are available in both English and Spanish

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