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Track Your Child’s Progress With Aeries

Logo Of Aeries PortalFamiliarize Yourself With Aeries

The Aeries portal is a resource that we are encouraging all of our parents and families to familiarize themselves with. It’s a really great tool to keep an eye on the progress of your IUSD student as they progress through the various grade levels.

About The Software

Aeries Software is the leader in providing the newest industry student data management. The software provides outstanding customer service and simple solutions for K-12 education.

The company is consistently on the cutting-edge of new technology and innovation, which is one of the reasons we are so proud to offer it to our families. We strive to make the experience here at our District as convenient as possible for all of our families, from kindergarten all the way through senior year.

Aeries Software has been open since 1995 and has successfully implemented the Aeries® Student Information System in over 530 other public school districts and education agencies.

About The Founder

The late founder, Jerry D. Lloyd was an industry pioneer, and president of Aeries Software. He was the creator of numerous student information systems dating back to the 1960’s. Mr. Lloyd passed away in June of 2011, but his vision lives on in Aeries.

We hope that you will get familiar with using the Aeries portal and learn how convenient it really is, and what a great tool it is for parents here at Inglewood Unified.