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Connecting To The Community

Inglewood Staff Paints School WallA Beautiful Community Connection

We are very excited to share that extra summer work has been done toward accomplishing more than just beautification here at Clyde Woodworth Elementary. As a result, we have accomplished a greater community connection by demonstrating that we believe in them.

Hard Work Pays Off

Our PTA volunteered on Saturdays and committed to a very special campus beautification project. Woodworth has been run down and green for a long time and we all worked together to change that.

Turning Green To Yellow

As parents, teachers and students have become and committed to a brand new magnet program, and STEAM Academy, we have also reclaimed our historical colors of yellow and red. This year we have announced new yellow uniforms, and the parents have taken the mission a step further by painting yellow wherever they saw green. They want their kids to engage in our school culture and identity.

We are very grateful for the dedication of the entire cougar family of parents, led by the PTA President, Mrs. Angelica Manriquez.