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Woodworth Monroe Kick-Off and Workshop #1

Thursday marked the launch and first workshop of the exciting Woodworth-Monroe merger design team. This team represents Woodworth and Monroe families, students, and staff who were selected and have volunteered their time to help imagine what their new school will look like in the fall. The District’s new Five-Year Strategic Plan’s Four Pillars will be used to ground the work of the design team. To learn more about IUSD’s strategic planning process, follow this link.

During the first workshop, the team played an icebreaker to get to know each other better, created group norms to be used during the workshops, and discussed the importance of grit and resilience in their students and their school. Principals Tilley and Williams led a debrief on two readings, 5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset Using Grit and Resilience and How Kids Learn Resilience that led to rich discussion.  Along with the readings, the workshop used resources provided by XQ Super Schools, a design program where participants creatively reimagine what a school can be. The team began brainstorming how they want to create a school climate and culture that promotes positive and caring relationships, discussed student, teacher, and parent needs, and began to talk through ways of including community resources to support student learning.

A student member of the design team sharing about the icebreaker activity.

The team members are excited about the work they accomplished on this kick-off meeting and are eager to work together and imagine all the possibilities. This is only the beginning of an exciting process of designing the new Woodworth-Monroe School. Follow our progress as we continue work to redesign Woodworth – Monroe here! #IUSDWoodworthMonroe