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The IUSD Promise


The Inglewood Promise@ 3,6,9,12 is the new vehicle driving academics in the Inglewood Unified School District! The IUSD mission statement has not changed and continues to be the leading force behind the District’s efforts. It states…The Inglewood Unified School District is to ensure that all our students are taught rigorous standards based curriculum supported by highly qualified staff in an exemplary educational system characterized by high student achievement, social development, safe schools and effective partnerships with all segments of the community. Dr. Carmen Beck, Chief Academic

Officer for IUSD was determined to send a clear message to all stakeholders. After months of discussion, the Inglewood Promise was recently born. “It was a collaborative process and not done by any one person” Beck explains. You may be asking, “What is the promise?” The Inglewood Promise@3,6,9,12 focuses on ensuring: 100% of its students will be reading by 3rd grade, mathematically competent by 6th grade, A-G ready by 9th grade and college and career ready by 12th grade. The Inglewood Promise holds students at the center of its work. Additional promises are: participate in at least two job interviews, participate in visual and performing arts or extracurricular activities, apply to at least four colleges, actively engage and participate in a career pathway/ academy, have access and resources to STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics), engage in project-based programs like robotics, MESA, Project Lead The Way, and take part in externship opportunities with business partnerships.

One may ask why the district is making such promises? Beck explained that she was informed by a parent that charter schools are promising programs for her children which is why she has chosen to leave IUSD. Beck said that shifted her thinking to begin working with her team to identify what they could reasonably promise each family. At the June 14th board meeting, she shared the Promises and knows they are ambitious, however, she feels this is something we need to and can do. She also reviewed the goals of the Local Control Accountability Plan in a Public Hearing. Goal 1 is to provide excellent conditions for learning; Goal 2 is to produce exceptional pupil outcomes; and finally Goal 3 is to promote an engaging learning environment. She further discussed the process of stakeholder engagement to develop these goals which included district groups and departments, community meetings, union leaders, surveys and more. “Our purpose will be to create coherence to build capacity for sustainability of improvement efforts” Becks adds. In preparation for implementing the Inglewood Promise, Beck is engaging all principals and District leaders in looking closely at the SBAC data results and focus on the root causes of student inequity and underperformance. This data will be publicly released before school begins. “Data always tells us something and it will also guide our professional development for teachers,” adds Dr. Rene Rosas, Director of K-12

English Learner Services and Professional Development. Both Beck and Rosas will work together with principals to create a strategic focus for student learning. Beck asserts, “We are focusing on best practices of good first instruction that can be replicated throughout the District.” She feels this will be done by defining desired learning outcomes for each student while developing collective expertise to deepen learning. Finally, she underscores the importance of parents and the community being engaged in this process so strategies can be replicated at home and success can be sustained.