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School Police Department

Providing Safety for Our Faculty and Students

The mission of the Inglewood Unified School District Police Department is to advance the academic achievement and enrichment experience of an education by providing a safe and secure environment for more than 12,500 students and staff in the District.

Core Values

The men and women who comprise the Inglewood Unified School District Police Department take homage in recognizing the significant influences our youth are expected to contribute to its society through academic excellence and achievement. The environment in which students interact must be free from situations that detract and deter their ability to lead productive lives. Toward that end, the police department does not waiver in its commitment to ensuring that the universal personal safety and security of all stakeholders is not compromised. The foundation of our organizational values is built on humility, respect, collaboration, inclusiveness and result oriented.

Employees of the IUSD Police Department appreciate the opportunity to participate in mandated service programs that serve to uplift future generations by centering our actions on the following:


We value commitment on the part of employees who strive to make a difference in the communities served by the school police department.  Employees understand the high expectations and strive to support a fraternal spirit to ensure the police department is responsive to the public.


The police department prides itself on being a service oriented organization.  The work provide employees with a sense of inspiration knowing that the department really make a difference in the lives of those we serve.  The quality of services provided will be delivered with the intent on earning and preserving the respect of the communities served by demonstrating the highest degree of integrity.


Employees will receive continuous sensitive training that will be incorporated throughout the department’s ongoing professional development through continuing education.  In turn, the department will engage their stakeholders with the expectation that they will be held accountable for the actions and quality of services delivered.


Employees are required to demonstrate ethical behavior by being open and honest in their interactions with the communities they serve.

General Information

School Police Department
401 S. Inglewood Avenue, 2nd Floor
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: 310-419-2700 Fax: 310-680-5138

Department of Safety, Security & Emergency Planning
Located in 104th and Darby, Inglewood CA 90303 Between Yukon Ave. and Crenshaw

Phone: 310-680-5250 Fax: 310-330-4485

Note: Live Scan or fingerprints has been move to Human Resource Department at 401 S. Inglewood Ave. Inglewood CA 90301

Department of Safety, Security & Emergency Planning

Director of Department of Safety, Security & Emergency Planning
Phone: 310-680-5250