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How Measure GG is Helping Our Schools

Making Sure IUSD Stays Modern and Maintained

Measure GG is a major factor in the quality of facilities we provide our students. It has helped upgrade and renovate inadequate classrooms, allowed access to computers and modern technology, and improve the overall educational experience for our students.

Current School Projects

All 21 schools within Inglewood Unified School District will receive funding from Measure GG. Creating an environment conducive to learning for our students is our district’s highest priority, as well as ensuring our children’s safety and security.

Citizen’s Oversight Committee

Bond Measure GG was passed in November 2012, providing a $90,000,000 general obligation bond for new construction and modernization projects at schools throughout IUSD. The State Administrator with the support of the Advisory Board of Inglewood Unified School District (the Board) hereby establishes and confirms the Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) which shall have the duties and rights set forth in these Bylaws.

Facility Plans