Board of Education

IUSD Board Meetings and Objectives

State Administrator

Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana, Ph.D.
State Administrator

Board of Education

Ms. Margaret Evans, M.A.
Board President, Seat No. 4

Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza
Vice President, Seat No. 5

Dr. Dionne Young Faulk
Seat No. 1

Ms. Melody Ngaue-Tu’uholoaki
Seat No. 3

Dr. Carliss McGhee
Seat No. 2


Dr. Carmen Beck, Chief Academic Officer
Mrs. Nora Roque, Executive Director of Human Resources
Mr. Eugenio D. Villa, Chief Business Official

Extended Administration Council

Ms. Linda Anderson, Director - Child Development/Latchkey
Mr. William Carter, Chief of School Police
Ms. Christine Dacanay, Director - Fiscal Services
Ms. Julia Edwards, Assistant Director-Food Services
Ms. Tiffany Egan, Director - Benefits and Risk Management
Ms. Lourdes Hale, Executive Director - State and Federal Programs
Mr. Leonard Hernandez, Director - Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation
Ms. Ugema Hosea-James, Executive Director of Elementary Education
Ms. Rosa Orosemane, Director - Food Services
Dr. Rene Rosas, Director - K-12 English Learner Services and Professional Development
Ms. Marjorie Rudy, Executive Director - Special Education in Compliance
Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin, Executive Director - School and Community Relations
Dr. Reginald Sirls, Executive Director - Secondary Support Services
Ms. Terri Wheeler, Executive Director - Information Technology
Vacancy - Director - Student Support Services