New York Times Bestselling Author Christie Hsaio Takes Oak Street Elementary Students On An Enchanted Journey

It’s not everyday students get to meet a bestselling author, especially one who set records becoming one. Hsaio’s book went to bestseller status within three weeks. But Hsaio welcomed the opportunity to share with the children because they are the sources of her creativity.

She spent the entire morning with them reading, answering questions and getting student’s feedback on how “Journey to Rainbow Island” can be turned into a feature film. “Nature and kids inspired me to
write the book,” said Hsaio. “I go to the beach. I hike and that inspires me.”

Hsaio’s “Journey to Rainbow Island” is a story about a brave young girl name Yu-ning who lives in perfect harmony with nature on Rainbow Island. Her utopian life is troubled when an angry dragon called the Obsidigon returns from the grave and engulfs Yu-ning’s beloved island into flames and the island’s Sacred Crystals have  been stolen.

Now the young heroin must venture into the dark corners of the world to find a weapon believed to be destroyed and recapture the seven sacred stones without being stopped by the dragon.

Hsaio’s said she spent a lot of time in Hawaii when she was writing. She said experiencing the stunning beauty of a tropical paradise was the perfect backdrop to help create the character’s enchanted journey. “I was spending a lot of time in Hawaii, “ said Hsaio.

“I was traveling and seeing some of the most beautiful beaches and mountains on the island and then I would comeback and write. So all of the images that you see are actually my vision. I visualized it as I see it and then my publishing put the images together from what I had visualized.

” Hsaio is the founder and CEO of Serenity Media Group, a global entertainment company devoted to creating high quality film, TV, and digital media projects that uplift and inspire. Serenity uses fun, engaging popular fiction and non-fiction projects to educate, provoke thoughtful inquiry, and spread positive messages. Hsaio believes in the unique power of a story to raise awareness and to compel societal transformation. She hopes to inspire children to go beyond the limits set in front of them and to explore their gift of imagination.