New Leadership for IUSD Elementary School’s

Ugema Hosea-James was a former principal, assistant principal and teacher in the Inglewood Unified School District. She arrived to Inglewood Unified School District in 1994.

James was a teacher at Highland Elementary and program coordinator. She later went to be the assistant principal at Warren Lane Elementary.

After her work there, she continued in the field and went to Daniel Freeman Elementary because there was no assistant principal. It was there where she learned the art of trust and teamwork because she wore so many hats. She learned to rely on her staff and delegate authority. She reflected back when Inglewood had much academic success. She said it was in those days where her leadership was built by working with her staff on the various assessments, data, and rigorous learning.

She says that LaTijera was her tough one because she had to work hard at building school culture. This is where her leadership took a leap forward as she worked as an instructional leader and manager. It was at LaTijera where she focused on systems, rituals and routines.

“I developed great relationships with my staff that still continues today. I focused on rigorous instruction, student engagement and protecting the teacher’s time to teach!”

When the opportunity arose for the Executive Director of Elementary Instruction, she did not hesitate to put her name in the hat. She referred to her students a lot which showed how much she missed them. James still finds time to attend their school assemblies so she can still watch them grow. Now, James has the opportunity to help in at a larger scale, which gives her satisfaction.

She humbly explained her gratitude to Dr. Matthews and the team that placed their confidence in her. James will work with the educational services team to ensure that all students are given
access to learn and achieve. She has a tenacious personality and wants the best for students no matter what it takes!